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Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Guitar, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Vocals

The group known as Milk and Honey formed in the fall of 1967. The group was originally based in western Iowa. The name Milk and Honey came from a poem about the "Land of Milk and Honey." In 1968, the group purchased an old school bus, outfitted it for traveling, and hit the road. They lost a lot of money but had a great time performing rock and roll. In the winter of 1968, this group decided to go their separate ways.

In 1969, Rick Koch, Luke Kjolhede, Larry Koch, Mike Kane, and Jack Fellenzer reorganized the band around college careers. Below is a picture of this group performing at the Circle Lounge in Cedar Falls in 1970.

The turning point for Milk and Honey came in 1971, when Jack and Mike left the group. Maureen Hastings, replaced Jack and Mike. This addition proved to be very popular as there were very few bands with female lead singers. During this time period the group performed nearly 250 nights a year.

In 1974, Milk and Honey recorded and released a song that was a regional hit, "Have A Nice Day." Due to family responsibilities, the group made the very difficult decision to remain a regional group rather than travel nationally.

Since then the group has focused on having fun and making music rather than becoming famous. In 2017 the group celebrated a new milestone of reaching 50 years of Rock and Roll and to this day still rock out many times a month! 

                   Pictured here are some versions of Milk and Honey.

Lead Vocals
Lead Vocals
Makaela Hughes
Lead Vocals
Sound Tech, Lights, Stage Manager
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