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Eric Ver Steegt

Sound tech, Lights, Stage Manager, Set Up/Tear Down, Photos & Videos, Merchandise, Webmaster, Everything except Sing and Play!

Years with the Band:

Since 2007

About Eric:

Eric started by taking photos for the band while still in high school. Now Eric works as tech support and is still taking photos for the band. In addition to his photography work, Eric runs the sound, lights, and even acts as a stage manager when needed. Eric has an unusual day job... he is a professional magician. He has opened for Milk and Honey in the past; now, however, he mainly performs at fairs, festivals, and corporate events. In his spare time he serves on the Bremer County Fair Board and as an EMT with the Janesville 1st Responders and Denver Ambulance.


"It's an honor and a journey, working and traveling with Milk & Honey.  I've gotten to see many great places, meet many cool people, and of course witness first hand the amazing talent this wonderful group of musicians possesses. It's never a dull moment with this group and I couldn't be more happy, and more honored, to be a part of Milk and Honey!"


Eric's dad and mom, Vaughn & Mary Ver Steegt

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