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    Milk & Honey Moments

Do you have a favorite moment, memory, or story about Milk and Honey? Whether it's from way back in the day or even just a couple of years ago, We would love to hear it! Comment below or send it to us using the form on our contact page!

*Any Milk and Honey Moments shared below may be used in advertising and marketing campaigns.


I wish you all the best on this great accomplishment! I have some of the best memories of my life playing music with Rick, Maureen, and Roger! Milk and Honey rocks forever!!! -Kerry LaKoste 

My Dad's Name is Luke and he played with Milk and Honey throughout my childhood. On my 7th birthday, my birthday party went to see the band play at the Ramada Inn in Waterloo. He let me put in a request and even though he hated the song, they played it for me and I will never forget it.  I was so proud and was definitely the envy of my friends for having a rock and roll Dad !    -Casey Kjolhede

When I was 12 or so they played at my sister's wedding and they let me sit in on the drums . Huge moment on my life they are awesome!

  • Just so milk and honey knows, this is what I do now, play drums for a living, so when I say huge moment in my life . It's a understatement!!! I encourage every kid that approaches me and I give them sticks​ . All because you let me sit in . It was what I wanted from that day forward. Thank you!!!!!!       -Dan Stricker

Favorite moment? Any time I get to see you LIVE!!    -Gregory Bazan

So groovy, it was all the rage to go see them in High school!   -Annie Hoffman

 I graduated in 1978 and milk and honey played our prom for North Tama high in Traer at the Memorial building.    -Eileen Weber

I played lead guitar with Milk and Honey from 1969 thru 1971. This photo

was taken at The Circle in Cedar Falls. We played there a LOT during that

time.  That's me on the right, playing a white Fender Mustang guitar with

a KUSTOM 'tuck and roll' amplifier. ....I wish I had my hair back... We had

lots of FUN, especially when Rick would bring his accordion along. It was

fun watching the drunks trying to dance to a Polka tune ! 
I still play occasionally with a group of "retirees" living the good life here

in NW Arkansas.

Left to right: Rick Koch, Luke Kjolhede, Mike Cain, Larry Koch, Jack Fellenzer.

I played in a Country band with Larry Koch some years later... Fun times...  

- Jack Fellenzer

One of my favorite milk and honey memories is Sean Murphy's live version of three dog night's "never been to Spain." Looking forward to his live version at the 50th anniversary show at the surf ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa!  -Michael O'Brien



My wife and I heard you play New Year's Eve 1977 at the Ramada Inn in Waterloo.  We were there on our honeymoon, having been married the night before. There was a terrible snow storm that night but we were warm and cozy and danced the night away.  You folks have always been one of our favorite bands.  -Al and Sue Lindaman

I moved here in 1977 with a bunch of my friends, we lived on 3rd st Waterloo and went to listen to them in the motel on that street. Good band and free food, just what every college kid looked for.   -Debbie Fitkin 

This is a photo from the 1974 Clarksville High School yearbook.

The photo was taken April 27, 1974. Milk and Honey played for

the Jr./Sr. prom in both 1974 and 1975. I personally did not attend

either, but wanted to share this old photo. There will be others I

attended school with that remember this event.

Congratulations on 50 years!! -Jan Hoodjer

The Apartment Lounge in Cedar Falls, great music and the "Beer Barrel Polka "!  1976    -Bob Lenz

At the 2004 induction ceremony of Milk & Honey into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony along with several other bands we were in the Roof Garden building at Arnold's Park and the tornado sirens went off and a bad storm rolled through. They had to cover up the stage pronto and the wind blew like crazy and soaked the entire inside of the Roof Garden. The mayor of Arnold's Park got up on the stage and said not to worry the Roof Garden was the strongest building in the whole area if a tornado hit. It was a night I will never forget. All the bands were great, many of them had not played together for years and got together just for this moment.    -Randall Heiberger

My grandpha plays in the band its awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Jack Koch

                                                                                                      Milk and Honey played in Tipton Iowa on June 1st, 1974 for the wedding of                                                                                                                       Donna(Geadelmann) Hall and Jon Hall at the Moose Lodge. They were certainly the                                                                                                       talk of the town.  I don't think Tipton had ever had anything more than a little local                                                                                                         country band.. While dating we especially liked going to the "Tiger" on University                                                                                                             Ave. to hear them. Jon and Rick and Luke had their floor covering trades in                                                                                                                 common.  Jon died in 2004 from Agent Orange exposure while in Vietnam in 1969-70.

This is a picture of Ally Bagenstos on her very first performance

in Dysart. She was 12 years old and a student of Lis March. Since

that performance she has frequented the stage with Milk and Honey

. She now performs during their breaks and sometimes fills in

when someone is gone. Milk and Honey is really good about involving

the audience in their music. Sometimes the best moments are when

they invite others to perform. The band members are great musicians

and work so much with Ally. We feel so blessed to have them in our

lives. Happy 50th Milk and Honey.

It was my privilege and honor to return and perform with Rick & Maureen and the rest of the crew for the 50th year reunion.  We climbed onto stages many 100's of times from '69 thru '82, the period I was part of the group.  It was plain old fun singing & playing with the band.  Special kudos should go to Rick Koch who started the group back in the 60's and has been responsible for Milk & Honey becoming a top notch musically elite band.  One thing hasn't changed in all those years, they all still enjoy each other and have fun on and off stage.  These have been very special people in my life and I wish them all good health to continue to Rock 'n' Roll their ass's off!  God Bless!  -Luke Kjolhede

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